Hello and welcome to Room 13 Hareclive!

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Room 13 Hareclive is an independent art studio in the playground of our school, Hareclive Primary in Hartcliffe, south Bristol. It’s run by us, the children that use it. We can go any time the studio is open. We can sometimes go in class time if our work is up to date and our teacher agrees.

Room 13 is a place for us to express ourselves, to do some artwork and have fun! We have two artists in residence who work with us on different days, Shani Ali and Paul Bradley. We get to work in sketch books and on canvas and Room 13ers have worked on exhibitions, commissions, residencies, projects and presentations.

Room 13 is also like a business because we raise some of our money ourselves and a Management Team runs the studio. It usually has 8 – 12 children in it from Years 5 and 6. We apply in writing for the jobs and roles we want to do, like Managing Director, Materials Manager or Secretary. We learn loads of skills in our jobs.

Room 13 is a different atmosphere to school because we aren’t told what to do, we follow our own ideas. We have a fun time in Room 13 and we are very lucky to have one.

Our studio can now work with children and teachers from other schools on the days it is closed to Hareclive.