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Room 13 Hareclive is an independent artists' studio based in the grounds of Hareclive E-ACT Academy (primary), run by children and adults working together. It is a creative hub where transformations – materials, ideas, personal and community – have been taking place since 2003.

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In Room 13, children aged 5-11 can draw, paint, sculpt, talk, read and work on computers. They are free to work on their own creative projects at their own pace. A Management team of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils manages the space and works on all aspects of running the studio.

As a studio collective, we collaborate on many different projects in our community, city and world. Young people who have moved on to secondary school - Senior Room 13ers - often participate. Through all of our work, Room 13 Hareclive nurtures and champions children's creativity, collaboration, independent thinking and voice.

Room 13 Hareclive is one of the oldest, most established Room 13 spaces in the world (100+ internationally) and regularly visited by researchers and practitioners from many countries. Our studio is facilitated and supported by a small adult team: co-founders, artists and educators Shani Ali and Paul Badley, and development worker/writer Ingrid Skeels.

The Room 13 Hareclive collective will be at Tate Modern as a Tate Exchange Associate on June 25th, 26th (here's our event at Tate last year).

'The Sad Reality'- Safer Streets for Children (7 mins, 2017)

'Now's the Time!' - Free Bus Travel for Children (4 mins, 2018)


This is a holding page as our website is temporarily down.

Meanwhile you can contact us at and c/o Hareclive Academy, Moxham Drive, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13 0HP.

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