Room 13 Hareclive Work with Schools

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Creative Art Sessions for Children

“Room 13 is the most important model for artistic teaching in school we have in the UK.”

- Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate Galleries

We offer inspiring creative sessions for children and young people in a child-led environment. Our purpose-built artists' studio offers access to professional materials and resources. Sessions are facilitated by our two artists in residence, both highly experienced in the Room 13 approach.

Room 13 creative sessions can support and enhance your provision, contributing to curriculum 'Wow' days, Arts Weeks and cultural enrichment or 'gifted and talented' programmes. Working in Room 13 also helps children and young people develop their Key Skills including creativity, communication, problem-solving, self-management and working with others.

Workshop Information

Sessions are flexible and can be tailor made to suit your specific needs:

  • Morning (9.30-12.00), afternoon (1.00-3.30) or all day
  • On a one-off, occasional or regular basis
  • Any age group or mixture of ages Year 1 and above
  • Maximum group size 15 to retain quality of our work
  • Content discussed and agreed with you. Previous workshops include:
    • Printmaking techniques including screen and mono printing
    • Casting using plaster of paris and modrock – casting objects and parts of the body. Thinking about and exploring positive and negative spaces.
    • Painting on canvas and with acrylics. Working out and developing a visual language. Thinking about mark making and learning how to mix colours.
    • Mask making using modrock and a variety of interesting materials (sticks, feathers, paint) to build and sculpt a mask.
    • We would also like to offer life drawing classes with a dressed model

Current Charges

Studio Half Day Session
1 artist in residence*£150 + materials £30-50
2 artists in residence£250 + materials £30-50
Studio Full Day / 2 x Half Day Sessions
1 artist in residence*£300 + materials £30-50
2 artists in residence£500 + materials £30-50

* Number of artists depends on activity and group needs.

Discounted prices for schools in Hartcliffe and Withywood!

Room 13 operates as a social enterprise. We raise all our own funds from grants and income generation. Making use of our services will help to sustain our core work with children in Hartcliffe.

Room 13 StudioRoom 13 StudioRoom 13 StudioRoom 13 StudioRoom 13 StudioRoom 13 Studio

to discuss your needs.
We can also provide professional development work around the Room 13 approach.


Ofsted officially recognises Room 13's contribution to the development of the following in our host school:

  • creative and expressive arts
  • independent skills
  • work-place skills
  • community cohesion

Case Study

North Bristol Primary School Cluster, 25/03/2011
'Gifted and Talented' programme
2 half day print making workshops
2 groups of 8 – 12 Year 6 students from different schools

“We wanted to give the children as rich an experience as possible, and to try something that would not normally be available to them in their schools. This is why we chose screen printing.”

- Lead Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

“Fantastic! Printmaking was instant, accessible, fun. Children loved it, as did I! Nice to learn more about something I can do with my own class at my own school. Inspirational!. Number of children was just right – everyone got lots of attention. Resources fab.”

- Marc, North Bristol Primary Teacher

“Excellent studio, fantastic resource, perfect group size… Awesome morning!

- Emma, North Bristol Primary Teacher

“I liked experimenting with new styles and I didn't realise that you could make amazing pictures from simple things.”

“I liked screen printing. And the thing that we could experiment different things was very good I think.”

“You can express your art work.”

“It was just amazing I liked all of it.”

“I like the screen printing because you get all messy and it was fun. The best bit about Room 13 is all the artwork that [other children] have done [that you can see].”

“My favourite thing was learning that [Room 13] is run by the children.”