Help Room 13 Hareclive

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Are you interested in:

  • The work we do with children and young people in Hartcliffe and the difference we make to their lives?

  • Our artists’ studio and what we bring to the arts world?

  • The value of our work to Education?

  • Our Room 13 approach?

  • If yes, please help ensure our future. Join the Friends of Room 13 Hareclive: a network of people across Bristol and the world who believe in what we do and want to see it continue.

    You can do this by giving a small amount each month or by making a one-off donation through

    It costs £2.50 a week - £10 a month – for one young person to use our studio all year. Anything you can give will make a huge difference to us. We spend wisely.

    In return, we will keep you up to date with what Room 13ers and Room 13 Hareclive go on to do and achieve in this world with your support.

    Other ways of supporting Room 13 Hareclive are by:

  • Working with us as an arts/education project – we generate income this way;

  • Buying our Christmas cards and other products for sale – we generate income through these;

  • Loaning artworks to hang in your offices and meeting rooms – we generate income from businesses this way;

  • Giving us some practical help such as arts materials or stationery or computer equipment;

  • Or maybe you have other ideas?

    Do get in touch with us about any of this. Your help is greatly appreciated. Long live Room 13 Hareclive!